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"Al Hakmiah Housing” ….. Situated in tranquility, stretched relax on the homeland sands. It is cooperation between the Ministry of Housing and Al-Hakmiah Real Estate Development Company for construction of 888 housing units in an upscale housing, secure environment, and primarily concerned with family life. Al Hakmiah Housing project is located on the Western side of Dammam city o... Read More ›


A painting drawn by imagination and embodied in dreams on the gulf beaches where the east and the sea embrace each other and the pearl tells its stories having the perfume of the kind gulf sailors. Orsyat is an ambitious idea embodied in a peculiar residential fully integrated services tower. The privacy of Orsyat stems from its magic eastern outlook on the Gulf; a feature enjoyed by all project resid... Read More ›

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In the heart of the new city of Khobar, lively and beauty, slumbering there is a residential neighborhood, captivating details, elaborately Building and Planning, to announce a new era of stability and luxury of modern life. Mareef.. A modern and well-being come .. When The prosperity is Mariaf committed not stop at luxury housing and neighborhood only Alhani, but exceeded it beyond the house and h... Read More ›