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About Us

We aim to leave an original print in the real estate development market, and to make Al-Hakmiah a remarkable name, and a sign that has to do with quality, mastery and transparency.This was our dream and we were qualified for it. Despite the distance between this dream and achieving it, we resolved to go ahead, and we started our journey from the sky of imagination to the ground of reality. Throughout our journey, we recruited all powers and capabilities in the way of achieving innovative projects that provide comfort, welfare and safety. The dream still has a remainder, because we will continue to be very keen to race with time, to go frequently to every new range and to prepare cadres, plans and ideas, believing that our partnership with our customers is a purpose and ambition and that our commitment to quality and mastery is the way of success and uniqueness.

Al-Hakmiah Team

Our Groups

Marfaq Company

A company specialized in the management and operation of facilities. Its work starts with design the building and approving the most suitable materials to be used. Its goal is achieving the welfare of Alhakmiah customers, increasing the rate of return to the cost to them and prolonging the lifespan of their buildings. This is achieved through carrying out the preventive maintenance work, all emergency work in addition to repair work, cleaning, gardening, guarding and leasing. Hence, Marfaq will add a value to the products of Alhakmiah Company

Shugol Compay

A Company specialized in the contracting works, having a team of contracting industry professors, including the required machinery and equipment, energy, human resources, and financial funding to enable them to implement larger projects and residential compounds in order to play its significant role in the system of Alhakmiah Company. It is no wonder that Shugol Company always provides brilliant construction projects in which creativity and professional approach are applied.

Dan Company

Dan comes to provide the services of aluminum sheets production, iron artifacts, stainless steel with the purpose of providing support for Al-Hakmiah
projects and achieving its specifications.Dan is a part of a perfect system that is like a huge production line to ultimately achieve its works with high
integration and professionalism.

Our Values

Before we have the intention of sailing, we consider the value and a commitment with principle. As early as the vast seas existence and ours, we affirm our promise to the sea and its covenant to put in our minds the values that we believe in and be inspired within our long journey


We are committed to accomplish our project at a definite schedule and with accordance to the approved specifications.


We keep our promises and we take care of the interest of our valued customers.


We carry out our projects skillfully so as to attain the satisfaction of the customers.


Our partners. We take care of their benefit and we work to make our products meet their needs and desires.


 We are keen on making our projects and our products modern and innovative.


We perform with a teamwork spirit taking care of the interest of our customers and keeping the high reputation and excellence of the company.


We pay attention to the safety and security with consideration to our customers and our employees 

Vision and Mission

The Compass speech


(To be the best choice for real estate development)


(Developing global real estate vision in local lands and upgrading mental approaches thereto)

In the sea like mountains:

When we had chosen the real estate development as an ocean to sail in, we recognized that leadership in this field could not be achieved but through

renewed aware work and preserving creative efforts. Thus, we have achieved leadership and we are innovating new ways in this ocean for those who are

coming behind us. The following are landmarks for some of our achievements that we had the honor to pioneer:

  •  The first apartments project with ownership system in the eastern region.
  •  The first residence compound for ownership in the eastern region.
  •  The first licensed real estate fund from the Capital Market Authority in the eastern region.
  •  The first implementation of Istisnaa system for a described sale in pledge in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  •  The First owner association in the eastern region.
About Us