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In the heart of the new city of Khobar, lively and beauty, slumbering there is a residential neighborhood, captivating details, elaborately Building and Planning, to announce a new era of stability and luxury of modern life.

Mareef.. A modern and well-being come ..

When The prosperity is Mariaf committed not stop at luxury housing and neighborhood only Alhani, but exceeded it beyond the house and his family, where provide Mariaf for ساكنها a number of enjoyable leisure facilities:
• indoor pool for adults and another for children, in which services are available sauna and jacuzzi, as well as gyms and Arcades.
• Qakharh hall for public events, provides high-capacity energy for men and women to establish rituals and festive nights.
• nursery for children to spend their time in safety and peace of mind, and give the family more times Almatah.
• Business services available to service the neighborhood and its residents, including a supermarket, a pharmacy and female player, and laundry.
• special accommodation drivers and domestic workers, equipped with all the necessary services, from the kitchens, toilets and laundry rooms.
• sports stadiums provide an opportunity for hobbies various sports, including football stadium hexagonal, and a tennis court ground, and children's amusement park.
• Walk sleek length of 1 km, for lovers of walking between the arms of nature

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